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Itching to give yourself a new look? Eager to update your wardrobe and try out the latest trends? Need to find a dazzling outfit for a special occasion? Then call on Everyday Stylists - Fashion Styling Agency. Our team excels at listening, so respecting both your style and your personality.

When you team up with us, you get

• advice on the best clothing for your silhouette
• tips on how to get the most out of your wardrobe
• ideas on choosing colours that make you glow
• a style all your own that will have you basking in compliments!


I never know if I have the right size in the fitting rooms.

I don’t want to wait for the stylist, let’s go shopping!

I did a first service with your agency, you know my profile, let's shop!

Shop with a stylist’s opinion, it is to bring an ally who has your look at heart! A few questions via email, we meet in a shopping center and voilà! We team up with you for 3 hours. All your questions about style, mix and match and sizing are answered on the spot!

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I have a lot of clothes and I just don’t know how to mix and match them any more…

I want to make the best possible use of the clothes I have!

Do my clothes suit my body shape or silhouette?

The Refresh My Wardrobe package involves a full review of what’s in your closet. Your fashion stylist comes to your home and, first of all, assesses your silhouette (body shape) so she can then identify the most-suitable clothes for you, taking into account their cut, fabric, colour and trendiness, as well as your personal tastes, your personality, your activities and your needs. Afterwards, she applies style and fashion conventions to recommend a number of new match-ups for your skirts, slacks, tops and so on. Finally, she suggests a few "top-off" purchases so you can get the most and "trendiest" out of your wardrobe.

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I love to shop and want to explore new stores.

I need new clothes.

My body has changed and I can’t find anything that suits me.

I want to learn about new styles and trends.

With the Shopping Experience package, you learn to look at clothing purchases differently. After determining your profile, your fashion stylist first sets out on her own to chart a made-to-measure shopping excursion or circuit just for you.

You then make an appointment to head out together to explore the stores and boutiques chosen for you and to put their fitting rooms to the test with outfits set aside especially for you. Good times guaranteed!

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I need new clothes but I don’t like to shop.

I can’t find anything I like in the stores.

I don’t have time to check out a bunch of stores.  

I want a new look!

With the Home Delivery package, you let your stylist show you her fashion finds in the comfort of your home. The process starts with your stylist assessing your needs and crafting a purchase plan; then she heads out to the stores for you, keeping both your budget and your esthetic preferences in mind. Finally, she makes an appointment to visit your home so you can try on her clothing selections.

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I’ve got a really special occasion coming up and I want to dress to the nines!

When it comes to the In the Spotlight package, you’re the star. Your fashion stylist assesses your needs and then recommends at least three outfits during your shopping session. There’s no easier way to get the look and glamour you want for that special event, be it a wedding, a gala, a graduation ceremony or a formal dinner party.

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Someone suggested I call on you, but we live in different cities…

I so enjoy bargain hunting!

I love shopping online!

II want to built my wardrobe gradually.

Browsing boutiques with a click of your mouse? You bet, thanks to the Virtual Stylist service—such an easy way to tap into fashion advice. First, your stylist assesses your needs and then sends you a document containing her suggested combination of clothes and accessories, photos of each piece and combo, along with the links to the shops where you can buy each item. This is the only service that can be done with multiple presentations.

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Your enterprise wants to benefit from the expertise of a professional image consultant for your commercial projects? Avoid silly steps in front of the camera with our keen eye and experience. We are here to create with you your branding:


Fashion shows;

Photo shoots and video shootings;

Create a signature style for a public figure.

«  Merci pour cette belle expérience et me pousser à sortir de ma zone de confort pour des belles nouvelles découvertes. »

«  Merci beaucoup d’avoir pris de votre temps pour venir faire cette analyse de couleur pour nous. J’ai très hâte d’essayer les ensembles de mon mood board. Je vous enverrai des photos ! »

Thank you for your help and for the mood board ideas. It’s helpful to have for future. I now look at clothing differently and understand better why certain styles don’t suit me and how to make my wardrobe look better.

I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with my experience with Claudia. She was great to work with, I felt she understood my needs and interests, and was a pleasure to shop with.

«  L’expérience avec Lyne et Anick a été très enrichissante car vous m'avez donné un peu plus confiance en moi en ce qui a trait à oser porter des vêtements plus 'fittés'. De plus, ce que vous m'avez trouvé est très confortable. J’adore et je reçois toujours des compliments!  »

Let us help you reveal the best version of yourself rhough your clothing style!

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